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Finding a home

Connecticut features varied places to live ranging from cultured city life in New Haven, to coastal charm in Milford, to country living in Durham, and much more. Most cities feature lovingly maintained classic properties, but no matter what type of home a client is looking for I am happy to work with them to make their dream a reality. And with most areas of CT easily accessible to NYC, Boston, and/or Providence there is always plenty to do both inside and outside of the state, no matter where you choose to live.

For clients seeking a home due to a relocation to any area of Connecticut for any other reason I specialize in:

  • Educating clients on the process of purchasing a home in Connecticut

  • Understanding the unique characteristics of each city

  • Finding the perfect home

  • Skillfully negotiating the right price and getting the deal closed smoothly

  • Helping to assemble a team of top mortgage brokers, home inspectors, attorneys, and insurance professionals whose interest is in protecting clients

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